Reiki Sessions

Reiki is life energy – chi or ki – which promotes the body’s own natural healing response. Most people report feeling very peaceful and relaxed during a session. Reiki is safe to use in almost any condition, and is used as complementary therapy in many leading hospitals such as Sloan-Kettering and UCLA.

The benefits of Reiki are many, and include:
stress reduction,
enhanced immune system,
promotion of self healing,
enhanced intuition,
improved decision making,
renewed creativity,
balanced energy,
and greater sense of well being.

I am a Reiki Master with 20 years experience, my master work being of the Japanese Usui lineage. My work is an integration of formal Reiki methods, Ayurvedic theory of the energetic body (chakras, nadis, srotas, marmas), modern biomedicine, and traditional herbal energetic philosophies.

Reiki can support our Ayurvedic and herbal work together, or be a stand alone treatment. A session is 60 to 75 minutes long. We start by setting an intention for the session, then you will be relaxing for 40 to 60 minutes, followed by a brief discussion afterward. You are free to speak and move around as you need during a Reiki treatment.

Email me or call (434) 466-6643 to schedule a session.