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What is Herbalism?
Many people believe herbalism is just the substitution of plants for modern drugs. In fact it is a whole different way of looking at the body. Traditional healing practices see the body as a whole interconnected system – a symptom in the cardiovascular system is related to a symptom in the digestive system is related to an emotional pattern, and so on. One herb or formula can rebalance all these “separate” systems.

An experienced herbalist can see patterns of imbalance and choose herbs to reawaken the body’s innate intelligence to bring the whole body back to health.

Why Plants?
Plants transform air and sunlight into material our bodies can use. We build new cells and get our daily energy requirements from plant based foods: vegetables, grains, and animals that have eaten plants. Our bodies recognize plants as food and as medicine – safe and natural medicine that can be used to rebuild our tissues and restore health.

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