Health Consultations

The Classic: Individual health consultations
I offer one on one consultations in person or by phone. In the initial 90 minute appointment we will review your health history together, and discuss simple changes in lifestyle, diet & supplements. I may also recommend a custom herbal formula for you, or direct you to herbs you can get at the health food store or order online. If we meet in person I will also do tongue and pulse diagnosis. These consultations are very educational, so I suggest you have a notebook or paper at hand to take notes during our sessions.

You’ll return (or call) for a follow up appointment in 3 weeks and every month until your health is much improved. At that time you’ll have a plan of action to maintain your health, and we’ll speak again whenever you have questions or new developments. While we are working together it is very important you return for your follow up visits so I can monitor your progress and change the formula as your body changes.

Herbs allow the tissues of the body to heal and disease processes to reverse. This is a very active way of engaging with your health. Most people come in for a particular problem and once that is resolved, we move on to an older health issue.

Ayurveda consultation
If you are interested in Ayurveda and would like to discuss your constitution and recommendations for maintaining your health using this sublime tradition this is the consultation for you! So many people are introduced to Ayurveda (literally the science of life) in yoga classes and training. It is a wonderful tradition I have been teaching for the past several years. I find it easily applicable to modern health diagnoses as well. And I love that it is consistent with quantum physics and each new scientific discovery!

“I just wanted to write and tell you how wonderfully informative and accessible our Ayurvedic session was!” —EC, Oakland, CA

Reiki energy sessions
I find any herbal treatment is enhanced by regular body work, so am delighted to offer Reiki as a way to support our Ayurvedic and herbal work together, or as a stand alone treatment.

Reiki can be done in person or at a distance. In the session you remain fully dressed, and lie down or sit in a relaxed position. During the session I will assess the energy centers associated with your endocrine organs, the chakras. I will gently adjust any imbalances I perceive. Most people report a sense of calm relaxation during the session and clarity afterward. Working at a distance, we will maintain verbal contact by phone during the energy work.

More information about Reiki can be found here.

Other types of health consultations
Pre-op (or post-op) surgical consultation – a specialized form of the individual consultation. I am also available for Reiki sessions after surgery.

Second opinion &/or plan for integrative approach – a more focused version of the individual health consultation.

Fee Structure