Flower Essences

Rose of Sharon, Vitex, Fig, Yarrow, & Bone 2010

When a plant blooms it sends much of its life force into the flower. Flower essences are made by placing a flower in pure water and allowing the geometry and vibration of the molecules in the flower to imprint on the water. This imprint is information our body’s electrical system can use to rebalance and create new patterns.

The flower imprint is stabilized by adding alcohol or vinegar. In most cases my essences are stabilized with Nettle-infused vinegar but may contain trace amounts of alcohol.

The following are descriptions of how I experience the flower essences I created in my garden. Each person’s system is completely unique so remember to use these descriptions as guidelines for choosing a flower to work with, but don’t limit your experience by these words. Happy explorations! These flowers are true gifts for each of us.

Agrimony – relaxes tension in the physical body and in the mind. Enhances digestion by relaxing the nervous system – switching us into parasympathetic mode. (picture)
Blue Morning Glory
– helps bring essential light into your physical and energetic body. Shines a bright light on the path of integration – the path for us humans to best serve the Earth and Universe. (picture)
Butterfly Bush – opens our 3rd eye (6th chakra) and reminds our minds to connect to our hearts. This beautiful bush is much beloved by little creatures of all sorts especially bees, bugs and, of course, butterflies.
Catnip – gently opens the heart chakra – the place where Heaven and Earth meet in the human body. Improves communication between spiritual and earthly matters.
Chicory – a sweet song of freedom from worry. This flower is traditionally used to break addictive patterns. (picture)
Clematis – surrounds the entire body with a comforting sense of containment while opening the 6th chakra for greater vision. Assists in integrating body work and other physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes. Perfect to gently calm vata imbalances. (picture)
Dalai Lama White Morning Glory – this essence was made with a stunningly clear white morning glory flower while His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was speaking to a gathering a few hundred yards from my garden. Infused with the energy of His Holiness and the holiness of Nature, this beautiful and powerful combination helps you reside in your true nature. (Limited edition)
Dandelion – an ally to help you see the truth of a situation in your own time. A great essence to have along when you are working through a dilemma or recovering from illness or emotional drama.
Echinacea purpurea
– a shot of love to the throat chakra. Speak your authentic truth in a happy tone with heart and voice as one. (picture)
Elder – clears the central energy channel (sushumna) opening communication and eliminating blocks between chakras. (picture)
Elecampane – drink in light and ground this energy pattern into our body.
Jasmine – opens the upper chakras so we can receive information from the universal consciousness a.k.a. the unified field. Eases flow in the body.
Lamb’s Ear – like being wrapped head to toe in a silky soft blanket of support. (picture)
Monarda didyma – Do you have a song in your heart? This fuchsia-colored double headed bee balm is playfulness in a bottle. (picture)
Nettles – a energetic scrub down. Like the stimulating karate chop action in massage – this flower brightens the qi and awakens the senses.
Pink Morning Glory – the sun and the moon: the meeting of the lunar and solar energies in the body. The integration of the female and male, the yin and yang, the left and the right sides of the body.
Poke – true breath. Pokes things along. Lovely alone or used in combination with other essences and therapies to enhance results. (picture)
Prayers of Gaia – Made at the Gaia Gathering for Women in 2012, this mix of Dogwood, Cleavers, Chickweed and a four leaf Clover aligns you with the Earth’s healing prayers for all of Her beings and Herself.
Purple Morning Glory – gentle but direct vibration which allows for vertebral realignment. (picture)
Scarlet Runner Bean – allows transmission of information over far distances. Helpful for sending Reiki at a distance.
Sweet Pea – like a hug from an old friend you are always happy to see. (picture)
Tomato – come out and play!
Venus Water – this essence of the Motherwort flower (picture) made during the Venus return in June 2012: a warm wave of the goddess of love herself. (Limited edition)
Vitex – integration of the nervous and endocrine systems. An overall synchronization. (picture)
White Clover – allows for new movement in places that were previously stuck. (picture)

Using Flower Essences
Flower essences are very safe – there are no medical contraindications to their use, and they do not interact with medications. You can’t overdose on a flower essence. And, if your body does not need the remedy, it will not use it so you can not create imbalances by using  flower essences.

When trying a flower essence for the first time, take it in a relaxed atmosphere. Take 3 to 5 drops (or if you muscle test, whatever number of drops you get) and close your eyes. Feel what the flower essence does to your body – are you more aware of an area, or more relaxed in an area? Did you get hungry or tired or energized? Is your vision clearer or your hearing enhanced? Note changes in your emotional state. Does a new thought come to you, or an old thought pattern relax? Did you think of a song lyric or a tune? Did you see a picture in your mind’s eye or experience a memory? This is all information about how this flower interacts with your body. Flower essences are most effective when taken 3 to 4 times a day. I find to change patterns it is best to take them whenever the pattern is coming up, so several times a day.

Flower essence concentrations
The original essence is called the “mother”essence. An amount of liquid is taken from this essence and diluted further in water and stabilized with vinegar – this is the “stock” dilution. You can use the flower essence at this concentration or dilute it again by taking 10 drops of stock essence and placing it in a clean 1/2 oz dropper bottle of clean drinking water and 3 to 5 ml of organic white vinegar. This is known as a “dose” or “dosage” bottle.

Keeping your flower essences clear
To keep the information contained  in your flower essence clear, take care not to touch the dropper to anything but the essence itself. If you accidentally touch the dropper to your mouth, a glass, etc. simply run the dropper under clean water for a few seconds, shake off excess water, then place the dropper back in the bottle.

Store flower essences in a cool place away from direct sunlight. It’s best to keep them in an area that is easily accessible to you, and store them in an upright position to prevent decay of the dropper. Flower essences can remain potent for many, many years if stored with care.

Price List
Single essence (stock concentration)
1/2 oz bottle $12, 1 oz bottle $18
Combination essence (dosage concentration)
1/2 oz bottle $18, 1 oz bottle $24
Custom essence (dosage concentration)
1/2 oz bottle $18, 1 oz bottle $24
Limited edition essences (stock concentration)
1/2 oz bottle $30, 1 oz bottle $36