I create custom herbal formulations of

  • tinctures
  • teas
  • syrups
  • flower essences
  • therapeutic liniments
  • therapeutic massage oils

Flower essences – singles and collections
Liniments for topical use which benefit muscle, joints & connective tissue
Syrups for wellness and blood building
Simple (single herb) tinctures
Tea blends
Spice blends

Currently available remedies & gift ideas include:
Spice blends
Ayurvedic Churnas* – vata, pitta, kapha:
one 1.9 oz spice jar $13, set of all 3 churnas $36
*churnas contain all 6 tastes your body needs to feel satisfied

Sublime Seasoning, 2 oz $11
savory and smoky, this blend is great on greens, in beans, as a spice base for soup

Seasonal Syrup
Be Well Syrup, 4 oz $16
a traditional elderberry syrup to prevent and treat colds and flu

Creative Play Tea, 1 oz $5
brew up a pot and get down to some serious fun

Heart’s Delight Tea, 1 oz $5
relax and open your heart to the beauty around you

Flower Essences
“a Flower Collection for Nature Connection”
four 1/2 oz flower essence mixes nestled in a blue box accented with floral origami & gold papers $50
This collection of flower essences is designed to help you connect with the vast intelligence and support that is all around you. Your natural setting may be a forest, a wide meadow, or a collection of indoor plants – it makes no difference. A playful way to expand your awareness and connect with plants and nature.

“Manifestation” flower essence, 1/2 oz $12
to help you get what you ask for – perfect for the holiday season!

Nervine Antispasmodic Liniment 1 oz $15, 2 oz $28
a topical treatment for musculoskeletal and nerve injury or discomfort

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