Life of Balance: Ayurveda for Everyday

Ayurveda is an ancient physics, literally “the science of life”.

This 5000 year old system can be used to bring us into harmony with our true nature and the natural environment. In doing so, we feel physical strength, emotional stability and clarity of purpose.

This foundational class will give you tools to use in your everyday life as you develop the skill of deeply listening to your body. The course will be taught over three months and includes individual phone sessions between classes so you can explore your unique body cues and learn to integrate into your daily life the techniques that work best for you. This class is appropriate for beginners and those already practicing an Ayurvedic lifestyle.
The Course:
  • Online instruction
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Original workbook
  • Reading assignments & resource list for expanding your studies
You will learn:
  • The foundational philosophy of Ayurveda
  • The 5 Great Elements & 3 Doshas
  • Your individual constitution via a constitutional pulse reading
  • Your current state
  • How the 3 major forces or doshas – vata, pitta & kapha – act in the body
  • How to respond to symptoms to create balance
  • How to apply the 6 tastes to your meal choices
  • Basic principles of cooking, and adjusting a meal for people with different doshas
  • Herbs, spices, tea & supplements that support balance & strength
  • Simple meditative and breathing techniques

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To Register:
Contact me at (434) 466–6643

If you would like to learn more about my teaching experience, here is my cirruculum vitae.


“Really awesome class, Mary! I loved your teaching style, sense of humor, passion & vast store of knowledge.”

“Thank you so much, Mary, for making such a complex topic accessible.” 

“I understand my own body more and feel empowered to trust my decisions.”

“I feel stronger and more assertive.”

“Being aware of which dosha is out of balance based on mood has been very helpful with bringing myself back into balance.”